Yet Another Change Is Made To SERPS by Google Without Too Much Fanfare

Over the coming days you will notice that your search results begin to look very subtly different again, and you’d have to say that this confirms that it’s in the quest to increase click through rates of the paid ads.

The previously yellow AD box indicating this was a paid listing will be yellow no longer.


The box will be changed to green, further increasing the very organic look and feel of paid ads at the top of results.


This comes after changes earlier this year by Google to remove right hand paid search results and increase the number of results at the top of the page. There’s no doubt that those changes have already had an effect and the latest change will most likely further increase click through rates.

(Here are our thoughts on the previous changes if you missed them How much we spend on SEM)

What does this mean for your Search Engine Marketing?

Good News: The click through rates should and will increase meaning that your agency can take advantage of the increase in activity to gain more leads and better conversions.

Bad News: The increased effectiveness is sure to bring more advertisers back to search and the overall Cost per click is likely to increase, so if you’re ads are already under performing it may get even harder.

What does this mean for Search Engine Optimisation?

Good News: If you’re at the top of your category then you may be impacted slightly by the above but overall you’ll find that your organic results wtill perform well and to some extent you’re shielded by any fluctuation in price.

Bad News: Being on the first page is more important than ever.

The net effect really is that it has never been more important to strike the right balance between organic and paid search, the right SEO and Search Marketing agency will leverage both for best effect.

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