The Help Your Business Needs To Survive COVID-19

Yes, these are strange times!

I must have heard the phrase “strange times” 1000 times in the last eight weeks, I’ve grown tired of it. But if I’m honest, there’s no better way to describe the effect and impact of COVID-19 on business.

As a business owner or senior leader, you have probably dealt with the shock as quickly as you could (depending on the level of impact) and now you find yourself wanting to get on with it as much as possible.

In our time in ISO, we’ve had to deal with plenty of challenges of our own and for our clients. The team and I have put together some of the most relevant information on things we’ve had to tackle as a business and the things that have helped our clients push through and keep trading successfully.

Here’s a taste:

  • Google has announced a number of initiatives to help SMB’s: are you and your search engine marketing agency ready to take advantage?
  • We look at the Federal, State and Local Council stimulus packages available to eligible businesses and how they’ve applied to our clients businesses. Some of these are directly aimed at Digital Marketing services to help businesses get online in the short term.
  • We review the video conferencing tools available to your business. At the risk of ruining the ending, it is whichever may already be FREE for your business.
  • Search trends – what your customers searching for when at home.
  • Director of Cyberism and LeapIT, talks systems essentials during COVID-19.
  • BVOD – what’s the impact of iso on viewing habits of “Catch-Up TV”.

We’ll also bring you some insights from the other markets we operate in, as well as give you some of the positive stories from our clients (small and big).

If you want to discuss any of these or your own business today, then get in touch with our team.

Dim Nedanovski

Managing Partner – LeapFrogger

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