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What makes us different? There are a lot of digital agencies out there – and even more technical experts – who offer similar services across performance advertising. So how are we different in a sea of same? Often, clients come to us feeling under-serviced; like they’re agency gave them cookie-cutter support that hasn’t got to the core of their business needs. That’s not how we operate. We know your board isn’t going to care about how many video views you got if your sales are down. We understand just how valuable your dollar is; that it could be the difference of hiring a new employee. We avoid high-level statements that don’t mean much and are designed to sell services that aren’t needed. We believe in the metrics that matter and we’re comfortable on challenging you if we think it’s the right thing to do. We are media agnostic, fully transparent and have no hidden fees. We ensure there’s a shared understanding of our plan of attack and ensure our insights are informative. But above all of that, we’re as proud of what we do.

  • Search intent and web property audit
  • Bottom-up planning to maximise sales
  • Intent-led audience planning and buying.
  • Deep research and performance insights
  • SEO, Local and Ecomm-Integrated performance media strategies
  • Converged Screens planning and optimisation
  • Audience growth and more sales!

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What does the CPM mean in a report if your website traffic continues to fall? We establish what success looks like and work with you to create campaigns that achieve tangible business goals.

The Leapfrogger Campaign Strategy & Management Approach

While traditional media agencies tend to play in the upper funnel, and digital agencies focus on the lower funnel, we take a performance approach to through funnel digital activation; nurturing your audience through different stages of intent.

To ensure we do successfully, we first need to understand your needs. We build this understanding through our campaign strategy and management approach; a five-stage process to help you get what you need today and pave the path for how’ll you grow tomorrow.


Great campaigns start with a great brief! The briefing stage ensures that we are aligned on the job to be done and have captured all required information. If you’re unsure of where to start, that’s okay! We have a comprehensive ‘reverse brief’ process that ensures we’re all aligned on the job to be done!


We then fuse insights from your past performance media/first-party data sources, with deep audience, competitor and category analysis to understanding your customer’s relationship with media. This process is undertaken using industry-leading tools to inform both our strategic audience, where we can find them in media, and the tactics required to encourage them to take a desired action.


Armed with a comprehensive understanding of your audience, their relationship to media and the role communications must play, we can build a plan to effectively achieve your objectives.

To do this we use a process called Bottom-up Planning – our performance planning and forecasting approach – that is additive to traditional planning methods. It takes existing in-market and intent audience signals and identifies the most efficient media strategy to nurture your audience towards a desired action, to the point of diminishing return.


Once we have the campaign strategy in place, the team work together to finalise the media ahead of taking your campaign live. Our team of media experts ensure digital best practices are observed, creative and ad copy are optimised for digital performance and tracking reporting are ready to go! It’s important for us to be as transparent as possible, so you understand not just what we’re implementing, but why we’re doing it.


The key to strong performance is consistency. Fundamental to this is a consistent approach to the brilliant basics of campaign delivery; hygiene, pacing, optimisation and insights. While this is at the micro level, we have a macro reporting, insights and planning loop that identifies new opportunities as they present themselves. This gives you optics on where we can unlock opportunity in future campaigns.

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