Pay Per Click Hacks For Beginners

Developing the right PPC strategy can be tricky. You might think that all you have to do is set up a campaign, get traffic and clicks but as days go by and your clicks and impressions decrease, you begin to realize that it’s not as simple as that. If you are a beginner who is about to venture down the path of PPC without the help of a digital marketing agency here are a few Google AdWords tips and tricks that are perfect for you.

Explore Search Terms

The search terms report shows search queries that triggered one of your ads. You can see the keyword’s clicks, impressions, and cost. This information can help you formulate and refine your keyword strategy. It gives you a new perspective and data so you can create a more effective and targeted keyword list for your campaign. You can add the keywords from search terms that are performing well. You can also add irrelevant terms as negative keywords to prevent your ads from being triggered when negative terms are used. Check your search terms report daily for new keyword opportunities.

Track Your Conversions

Getting your first conversion for a campaign is one of the best feelings. However, most advertisers tend to spend a lot of money on their ads but have no idea which keywords, ads, or ad groups are driving conversions. Fortunately, Google offers free conversion tracking which will help you work out which page visitors were on when they took the desired action. So before you run a PPC campaign, make sure that you enable this feature on Google.

Bid On Your Brand Terms

You might think that you don’t have to bid on your own brand name because your website will be on the top Search results. Though this is true, it will still be a bad move if you don’t put a bid on it. One of the reasons why you should is your competitors will bid on your brand to steal your potential customers. That is why you always have to be on the top of the page even if people are searching for you directly. Plus, you will get a great quality score for brand terms.

Know The Basics First

PPC has improved in so many ways since it started. There are lots of features that were introduced like interest-based ads, Conversion Optimizer, Ad Scheduling, Campaign Experiments, and many more. These are great features that you should definitely try but make sure that you get to know PPC basics first before you study delve into them. Once you master the basics, that’s when you should try these advanced features for more effective ads.

Creating an exceptional campaign takes hard work, effort, and knowledge. It takes time to master and know everything about PPC. Take it one step at a time and continue to work on your campaign daily. If you are still doubting your PPC skills, you can hire a digital advertising agency and develop a partnership based on trust and common goals, be sure to pick the right agency with similar values to yours.

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