Landing Page Best Practices: 10 Top Tips for Writing Copy That Converts

Marketing is multifaceted, but whichever marketing strategy you choose to employ, one thing remains constant: you need good copywriting. Good copywriting means your keyword research isn’t wasted as you generate relevant content, and that the copy itself effectively communicates your message.

By delivering the right words to the right audience at the right time, your copy should elicit an action. Whether you want the site visitor to buy your product or to subscribe to your newsletter, a good copy is instrumental in pushing them towards conversion.

Landing pages, acting as gateways for your visitors to delve further into your site, should have compelling enough copy that can get people to convert. Landing page copies are concise and purposeful, and they must be SEO optimised so that people see them in the first place.

Landing page optimisation is important in increasing the performance of your PPC campaigns as well as maximising your ROIs. To help you jumpstart yours, here are some best practices when writing copy that converts.

Focus on the benefits.

Your prospective customers don’t necessarily care about the product or service you’re offering but more on what that product or service can do for them. They buy outcomes, not the tools. For instance, if you’re selling lipstick: the customers are buying a “hot” shade that lasts long and feels soft on their lips. The lipstick is the tool for getting that outcome.

Create positive statements.

Marketing expert Joe Chernov said, “Good marketing makes the company look smart, great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” You want your prospective customers to have a positive experience with your brand, and that begins with the first ad they see of you.

Embrace simplicity.

Words will amount to nothing if they aren’t received well by your target market. Keep your copy simple; write the clearest message in the most concise way possible. Simplicity doesn’t mean a lack of message; rather, it’s condensing intent as much as possible to create a more powerful impact.

Craft a straightforward CTA.

You call-to-action should be direct and not confuse your audience. A clear offer, or statement like this:

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Write like a human.

Nothing beats the human connection, so your copy should be able to relate to your very human target market. Strained and robotic copy isn’t likely to be read, much less to lead to conversion. If possible, break away from thinking of “writing copy” and instead think of it as “having a conversation”.

Be specific with numbers.

The more specific you are with statistics, the more believable you become, and the more your target market is likely to trust you. Blanket claims sound dramatic and enticing, but when it comes to marketing, detailed metrics and statistics will get you further.

Test your headlines and copy.

You can’t expect to hit the jackpot right off the bat. Try A/B testing different headlines and copy on your landing page and see how each element performs. Some variations will resonate more with your audience, whilst some may prove ineffective in the long run.

Be consistent.

Consistency is a key factor in building your brand identity, and being consistent with all your collateral can significantly affect your conversion rates. Make sure your text, imagery and ads are consistent across all channels and are reflected on your landing page. They should look visually coherent; otherwise, you run the risk of getting your customers confused.

Add testimonials.

Testimonials are a great way to give legitimacy to what you’re offering. They help undecided customers make up their mind faster as well, since seeing proof of the fantastic results you’ve achieved makes you more trustworthy. Quotes work well as testimonials, but great video testimonials get you even farther ahead.

Make your landing page mobile-friendly.

Your landing page should be compatible with any device, providing your audience a smooth, seamless experience. Otherwise, you might lose any momentum gained with your copy as they leave your page for a better site.

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