Instagram Advertising: A Dynamic Platform for Your Brand

Instagram is more than just a home for aesthetic posts and quick life updates; it is also a powerful tool that could aid you in propelling your campaigns forward. Though it has a relatively smaller population than Facebook, Instagram’s userbase of over 1 billion every month is nothing to laugh at either. Most of its active users are between the ages 18 to 29, accounting for 64% of its total userbase. Additionally, around 200 million users 

As such, Instagram is becoming a favourite amongst advertisers and marketers. Indeed, around 200 million users visit one business account daily, and a third of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from brands. It is estimated that this 2020, 75% of businesses will be using Instagram as part of their advertising strategy. 

Here in Australia, 67% of Instagram users between the ages of 18 to 34 utilise the platform to find services, products or organisations. That’s a significant chunk of the population with purchasing power, thereby increasing the platform’s feasibility as a business channel. 

So how can Instagram help your brand?

Relying largely on aesthetic, Instagram offers a fun, fresh and interesting approach to reaching your target market. It prides itself on its seamless user experience that helps tell your brand’s story in a clean and creative way. 

Since Facebook is its parent company, Instagram also uses Facebook’s user data to direct its ads to the appropriate audience, making the process smarter, more efficient and more user-friendly.

Instagram users are heavily influenced by what they see, so it’s important that you create visually arresting images and videos. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big brand or a start-up: what matters is that you master the use of this app, and you’re golden! Many Instagram users have visited restaurants or tried out a product because of what they’ve seen online. Creating content that could turn purchase intent into actual sales is thus something that you should focus on.

What should you include in your Instagram ads?

Instagram is all about visual storytelling. As such, your campaign will mostly be driven by photo ads and video ads. 

You also have the option to utilise carousel ads, which can be especially helpful if you want to highlight multiple products or services at once. 

When using Instagram as an advertising platform, it’s important to keep your tone authentic and natural. This way, your content will be more engaging for Instagram’s youth-leaning population. 

Want to know the right digital marketing strategy for your business? 

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