How to Make Your Data Visualization More Effective

One of the best ways to attract customers is by your product, services, etc with showcasing data visualization. Not only does publishing one create trust, it also sets you apart from your competitors and establish product worth. It can be in the form of a graph, infographic, or charts. If you are still in the process of testing the effectiveness of data visualization, these tips might help you get the correct formula for catching your audience’s attention:

Use Reliable Data

Before you give information to your audience, make sure that you have researched it thoroughly and you have a reliable source to back it up. Start with a good data, make sure that you use a language that will appeal to your audience, and choose something valuable not just for your product, but for them as well.

Be A Storyteller

Of course, your audience will not appreciate your data if it’s not presented in a creative way. Use charts, graphs, and maps to catch reader’s attention. Don’t forget to convey your message in a way that they can understand and relate with.

Keep It Simple

Remember, an over-designed visualization will irk your audience. Keep it simple yet attractive. A minimalist design is always good for your audience’s eye and attention.

Organize Your Data

An organized representation of data will have a big impact on its effectiveness. Arrange it in a systematic way. Put bullets or number on any enumeration. Additionally, keep the same formatting style to avoid confusion from readers.

Use The Right Elements

When you design your data visualization, make sure that you choose the right colors, design, and fonts. Putting the right color schemes can keep the story to flow smoothly for your readers. Bold font an important data or make the text larger. There are many elements that you can put on your data while keeping things simple.

Interpret Your Data

Put every interpretation in your graph so the data will be easy to comprehend. You can also add some explanation about how the data is measured. Headlines act as breaker in your story and it also helps readers relax their eyes from reading.

Utilize Tools

There are so many tools that you can use to create a stunning visualization. Find one that can give you the materials that you exactly need. You can use Piktochart, Datawraper, or Tableau. If you have skills in developing and coding, you can use D3.js or FusionsCharts.

A good visualization is one of the keys to a successful online presence. It gives your audience a certain knowledge while presenting your brand at the same time. Ask any successful SEO company in Melbourne about it and they will all say that publishing data visualizations have had a great impact on their business.

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