Google Makes it Free to Sell Products in Search Results

The year came as a shock when a global pandemic struck the world. Government authorities enforced strict protocols, while companies and entrepreneurs struggled to keep their businesses afloat.

But now, merchants & advertisers are in for a sweet surprise as Google announces its decision to make shopping ads free on the platform.

Free shopping ads for all

The tech giant broke the news early around April this year, tapping US search results first on mobile to roll out its latest update. Google hopes that retailers and advertisers will gain footing despite the economic downturn through its free listings.

Google Shopping is an e-commerce service that allows users to search, compare, and shop for products from different retailers in one website. It was first launched in 2002 by former Google engineering director Craig Nevill-Manning.

As of February, the company had already expanded its advertising efforts by displaying Shopping ads to its Gmail users.

Google aims to finish applying these changes globally by the end of 2020.

Notes on said changes

Merchants who have already tried Google Shopping’s most recent upgrade are already enjoying the benefits even at first use.

Both big and small enterprises get free exposure to thousands of potential customers browsing the biggest search engine online. Shoppers also get to know a more flexible shopping experience with a wider variety of stores. Meanwhile, advertisers can augment their paid campaigns through free listings.

Those who are interested in trying out this feature must have a Merchant Center account to continue. Google has also partnered with Paypal to make the onboarding process much easier and faster for everyone.

While the platform will now mainly consist of organic ad listings, users can still opt for paid ads. This is because paid listings are placed in more prominent areas (like the product ad carousel).


As we anticipate the end of the virus, we must stay strong and find solidarity in these unprecedented times. Tapping new markets is no easy feat, but having a digital advertising agency in Melbourne to show you the ropes can bridge that gap between customers and business owners.