Four SEO Mistakes That You Should Avoid

A little mistake in SEO can have huge consequences to the overall traffic and ranking of a website. This is why you must be very careful and critical when implementing your SEO strategies. Here is a list of mistakes that should be fairly simple to fix so you can achieve better results.

One: Your website is not optimised for mobile.

Optimising your website for mobile is not just a recommendation but it is now a rule. Almost everyone has a phone or tablet in their hands and they’re spending more and more time checking and browsing online (particularly social media). So it’s definitely time to make your website mobile-friendly. It’s an area where you shouldn’t need any convincing but if you do, according to the IMRG, 40% of online sales are made over mobile devices. Also, Google stated that it will now be using “mobile-friendliness” as a criteria for search rankings.
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There is lack of content.

As we keep hearing that “Content is king”. If your site does not have enough content, what’s going to keep them interested when they’re on your page? It’s important to add a blog because it can increase exposure, build a community and it can be used as an indirect sales approach. You can also add images and videos to trigger your audience’s attention. Make sure that all of your content is interesting and relevant to your site.


Duplicate content on your site.

What does duplicate content mean? It’s either content that is on multiple sites or the same exact content published on your site more than once. Fix it or delete it immediately or you run the risk of harming your site and gaining spam points.

Not relevant keywords.

Relevance is one important thing when choosing keywords for your site. High rankings mean nothing if those keywords are not relevant. Do not try to rank keyword that no one is looking for. Always think that quality is better than quantity. Choose only the keywords that are frequently searched by your potential customers.

SEO is a long and complicated process and running SEO checkups every now and then would be a great move to improve your site. If you are too busy to stay on top of it, you can always hire LeapFrogger for great SEO services in Melbourne to help you achieve success online!

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