Boosting Your Reach Through Organic Instagram Content

When it comes to Instagram advertising, one of the elements to consider is your organic content. Instagram constantly changes its algorithms so advertisers must be able to adapt in order to maintain their steady growth.

To be able to keep up with the tweaks and features added to the platform, you must remember one basic factor: Instagram is designed to make its users happy. That said, once you understand what it is that makes your audience interested and engaged on Instagram, you would be able to work around the algorithm instead of against it.

Here are other things to remember if you want to boost your reach through organic content.

Create dynamic content.

Engagement on Instagram is more than just in-feed posts. Nowadays, metrics include Story replies as well as views on IGTV episodes. Mentions on Stories are also a pretty valuable indicator of how much of an impact your content makes on your audience. 

The more types of content you put out, the more opportunity you’ll have for increased engagement. Don’t be afraid to mix it up too; create custom filters or fun polls that your audience can enjoy. Use this as a chance to learn which type of content resonates most with your audience as well.

Consistency is important.

When building your brand, consistency is key. This holds true for your social media advertising strategies too, including Instagram. Don’t update sporadically; instead, commit to a consistent posting schedule. Check your analytics to see which times yield the best results and work from there. 

Aside from a consistent schedule, you must make sure your content is also of consistently high quality. Subpar stock images won’t get you the engagement you want, so you’ll have to invest in creating interesting content that will help you stand out.

Post user-generated content.

Aside from posting your own content, you can also post ones that your audience created. It’s non-invasive and generally acceptable within the platform. Give a shout-out when your brand is mentioned in a user’s Story, for instance. 

You can also create a brand hashtag that your audience can use. Ask your followers to use it when they’re availing your service or buying your product. It’s not only a great way to drive engagement but also an opportunity to improve brand recall.

Let’s work on the best digital marketing strategy for your business! 

Instagram, like other social media platforms, continue to evolve. To build your brand, you must learn to work with these changes in order to keep your content in front of a large and relevant audience. 

LeapFrogger is here to help you out! Get in touch with our team and we’ll discuss how we can make Instagram work for your brand.

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